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TeenStreet is an
international community of young Jesus followers.

We partner with churches around the world to motivate, equip and walk alongside (Christian) teens to have a real relationship with Jesus and reflect Him daily in their world.

Teen Street

What started in 1993
as an event with 53 teens has grown rapidly.

We are part
of a Global Movement

TeenStreet in North America
USA & Canada
TeenStreet in South America
Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico
TeenStreet in Europe
Norway, Finland, Sweden, Faroe Islands, Denmark, Germany, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Croatia
TeenStreet Middle East
TeenStreet in Africa
Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa
TeenStreet Australia
TeenStreet in Asia
Malaysia & Philippines

Core Elements

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We are the examples they want to follow, and tell real stories that stir a longing in their hearts. They need to see what following Jesus really means.

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Teens are to be taken seriously, they are the now taking over the world and the church. We spend time to build them up so they reach their potential.

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We are called to reach the world, starting with our peers. We have a global worldview, let our hearts burn for the lost and reach out to people close and far.

Join us in a community of teens living life on purpose for Jesus.

You’ll be discipled through Biblical truth, inspired intomissional action and make life-long connections.

TeenStreet provides worship opportunities that are unique from any other worship experience that I have been a part of. This ministry has expanded the way our students see God’s active work from a global perspective.

- Ben Ellison (Youth Pastor)
TeenStreet is more than events.

TeenStreet is living a life that has fun, goes deep and lives boldly for Jesus.

We strive to connect teens with other teens in a small group setting.

We provide resources to fuel growth and encourage small group engagement.

While we still host events around the world, we view these times together as a celebration of growth and a commissioning to continue the work of Christ.

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TeenStreet was the only sector in my life telling me that I was CAPABLE of doing [missions] at age 16. Without TeenStreet I wouldn’t have had the opportunity or felt confident enough to go.

- Rebecca (UK), served in Albania after being part of TeenStreet

God is showing me that He wants me to be more than an ordinary nurse. He wants me to be a nurse that is not just a nurse, but a nurse that spreads the gospel.

- Ricky (Malaysia)

Through TeenStreet, I got to learn how God speaks, how He works in me, and how He loves me.

- Debbie (Zimbabwe)

If your relationship with God is strong and solid right now: come to TeenStreet. If you don’t know God at all: come to TeenStreet. If you haven’t heard God speaking to you in a while: Come to TeenStreet.

- Debbie (Zimbabwe)

I really liked TeenStreet. My favorites are the seminars and the small group studies.

- Lucas (Portugal)

I was raised in a Christian family, but it was during a TeenStreet Conference that I first heard God talking to me. I could feel His love and His plans for my life. It changed me.

- Vitoria (Brazil)

I was going through many personal problems. During TeenStreet seminars I could understand what God wanted for my life and I discovered my purpose in this world. Today I have a new view on everything.

- Ana (Brazil)

Because of TeenStreet I decided to get baptized. It was such an amazing experience and since then I’ve really felt like God is with me everywhere I go.

- Anna (Germany)

I really value my NET group (TS small groups). Net groups build a relationship with God and deep discussions about God’s Word.

- Rizaele (Philippines)

I was reminded of who I really was in Christ, and that my identity is not based on what I do or what people say or think about me, but instead, all that matters is who Christ thinks I am.

- Heart (Philippines)

I live a life that runs kind of non-stop. I am full of chores. I was reminded that God our Creator knows us super well. He created rest because He knows that we really need it to function and thrive.

- Angela (Philippines)

God totally changed me, I could not stop talking about it, I know I was meant to be there!

- Alisha (Scotland), TeenStreet Volunteer

TeenStreet ministry has impacted my faith. I have changed, I have been able to serve and also have a positive impact on the people around me.

- Laura (Malaysia)

I gave my life to Jesus at a TeenStreet event, I was 16.

- Jaimie (UK)

TeenStreet was an incredible experience. The fellowship and experiences with fellow Christians enlightened me to the fact that I am not alone. I now understand Romans and am encouraged to delve deeper in studying my Bible. Thank you to everyone involved.

- Teen (Australia)

You have changed my life and now I’m ready to help change other lives!

- Teen (Australia)

So incredible. Life changing!

- Teen (Australia)

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Here you can find stories that inspire, sessions that equip and information that connects you with God, with a global community and with opportunities to impact the world.

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