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the TeenStreet


What is
the TeenStreet
ONE GIFT challenge?



As a global movement of young Jesus followers,
we want to unite our efforts to tackle one global problem.
This time we will tackle
the refugee crises!


How it works


The Refugee Crisis

There are about 80 million people around the world that have been forced to leave their homes mainly because of civil war...


Ideas for Fundraising

Here you will find some Fundraising  ideas to help you and your group to mobilize more people and raise more funds to support this cause.




Here you will find information about how to send your gift.

And remember to share your stories using #tsonegift

refugee children

There are about 80 million people around the world that have been forced to leave their homes mainly because of civil war from places like Syria, Congo, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Yemen, South Sudan, Myanmar, among others.

the global refugee crisis


Would you join the TeenStreet ONE GIFT challenge
to help  tackle the global refugee crises?

Each one of us come from different nations, we speak different languages, have different skin colors, different talents, skills, passions, and interests, but we are One in Christ.

Imagine the impact we can bring to this world by working together! My gift may be small, but as I invite friends, family, classmates to join the challenge, and as you do the same, I have no doubt that we can accomplish something huge! So, let's do it! Invite your friends, do a party and raise fund, wash cars, sell food, be creative. And as you do it, take pictures, post on social media using the #tsonegift, share what you are doing and inspire others to do the same.

We are looking forward to seeing the result of our united effort!

Ideas for fundraising

Here are some creative ideas about how to raise funds for this cause:

1. Experience Auction - Auctions are fun, profitable, and don’t require too much effort to organize.

For best results, auction off experiences rather than items – and take some time to think about which experiences will be the most desirable to your particular target audiences.

Here are some ideas: 

  • Theme park tickets

  • Spa packages

  • Bed and breakfast packages

  • Gym memberships

  • Restaurant vouchers

  • Signed memorabilia from local celebrities

  • Airplane tickets

Start by deciding which item(s) would be best for your auction (considering your audience’s interests). Contact the relevant individuals/organizations/businesses and try to get those experiences donated. Share about your cause and why you’re organizing this auction.

Make sure to set a minimum donation amount, so you set reasonable expectations from the very start. Gamify your auction with features like fundraising thermometers and leaderboards to invoke some friendly competition.

Pro tip: To simplify the registration process, look into an auction software with ticketing capabilities. This way, you can ensure your event goes off without a hitch by accounting for each attendee. Check out platforms like Bidding for Good and Bidding Owl.

2. Off the screen challenge - Most parents and teachers would love their children and students to spend less time on their screens! While most children and young people wouldn’t, they do love a good challenge!

As part of this challenge, students are sponsored for spending time away from all of their devices (phones, laptops, tablets, tvs, and video-games). This is also a fantastic way to get students spending time outdoors. This fundraiser is also very easy to organize. There’s very little setup needed and if you organize it all online, it’s incredibly quick.

3. Create a Group Book - Get a member of your community (a teacher, a student, a journalist, a writer, an alumnus, or a parent) to donate their writing skills to your cause, or invite several friends to write for this project.

Once you’ve got an idea and a story-line, get other friends to create illustrations for the book. Then, put it all together! Get the book printed (ideally get this service donated too) and then sell it at a reasonable price. Parents and children will enjoy purchasing something of sentimental value, and you’ll be raising funds for your cause.

Have the supporters pre-order the book, so you know exactly how many to print and don’t end up with a surplus. To take it up a notch, organize a launch party where local supporters can come and pick up the book (as well as enjoy some snacks, drinks, and socializing).

You could also create a cookbook. Ask students, staff, and parents to contribute recipes to your community cookbook. You could create chapters for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or build sections by type of food (salads, soups, casseroles, etc.) or even difficulty level (easy, medium, hard).

Think of all the recipes that families could enjoy cooking together or recipes that would be perfect for engaging the students in the kitchen.

4. Something else - Just google and I'm sure you will find lots of more ideas about how to do fundraising. All the tips above you can find here: (10 Best School Fundraising ideas).