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True Stories

Peigthons podcast for Jesus

Peighton has participated in five TeenStreet events, beginning when she was 11 years old. The very first event had an impact on her life, which has continued. She grew up in church, her mother was in youth ministry and Peighton had trusted Jesus, but in a powerful moment during worship at TeenStreet, something changed. She says, “In that moment, my relationship with the Lord became my own, and it became real to me.”

She says that at first, she felt insecure about what people would think of her, but participating in TeenStreet helped her get past that. Seeing other teens and adults praying, worshiping and being vulnerable made her want what they had. The time spent in a small group at the large event was important as she and the others were able to discuss topics, share what they were learning and then also have private time alone with the Lord.

Now, Peighton is bold about her faith and talks to anyone God puts in her path. People have told her she's a light as she walks in such freedom and talks of her relationship with God. She also began a podcast that she says is “all about Jesus.” She says, “It was pretty scary, but I knew people need to hear about Jesus, and this is a sweet story of what Jesus has done in me.” Listeners have thanked her for sharing the message, saying it was exactly what they needed. Peighton says that now she faces every situation asking “Jesus, what do you want me to do?” She says, “I'm always talking about Him.” She has been involved in mission trips outside her country and is excited about further involvement in international missions.


Vicki found Jesus 12 years after TeenStreet

The first time I encountered the Holy Spirit was in Teenstreet Germany when I was 15 years old! I was so overcome by his love for me! I felt peace like I had never felt it before! All anxiety and worry left my body!I would still sometimes feel that peace but found it hard to connect with the Lord for many years until returning to Teenstreet 12 years later, in Australia this time!


Here I encountered his sweet presence all over again, but this time there was no way I was letting it go! I wanted to stay in his presence everyday! Since that day I have lived out of his presence and can feel him so close everyday! His tangible presence!I will never forget the massive impact Teenstreet had on my life and still does today.


Malaysians Teens start a TeenStreet in Cambodia

Aaron, from Malaysia, attended TeenStreet as a teen and then as a young adult, along with friends from his local fellowship. Now 31 years old, he is still using things he learned there to impact another generation of young people in his own country and in Cambodia. “TeenStreet sparked and rekindled the fire in us to love God and obey Him. The lessons that we learned helped us in our walk with Jesus, and we wanted to see the same in other teens—for them to be on fire and live out the Gospel.”

When Aaron's church organized a trip to Cambodia to run a youth camp, he modeled it after TeenStreet, using what he had learned. Nearly 100 teens from 10 villages attended, and Aaron and his team taught the Bible using the creative methods they had experienced. The church has returned to Cambodia in the following years to continue the youth camp. The theme always mirrors the heartbeat of TeenStreet: loving God and loving people. They have taught the teens components from TeenStreet, such as how to spend time alone with the Lord, small group discipleship where a more mature Christian mentors groups of teens, and how to support one another and discuss what they're learning from Scripture.

Not only has the camp affected the lives of young people in Cambodia, but Aaron and his team continue to use the same TeenStreet components with young people back home, helping them grow as followers of Jesus.

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