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What is the TeenStreet Community?

Why you should join?


We serve an incredible God and we truly believe that the Gospel has the power to change everything. In this journey to make God known among all nations, we need help and that is why the TeenStreet Community exists. It a place where we come together to get INSPIRED, EQUIPPED and CONNECTED with God, with each other, and with opportunities to change the world.


Here we grow our knowledge about God, about ourselves and about the world. We want to help each other to increase our love for God and our compassion for this world, while we understand better our Identity in Christ, find out what our skills are and identify our passions.



Sometimes we do not know what to do, or how to do things, and that’s ok. Here we will share our stories, share resources, provide opportunities to learn and practice things together. We all face fears, and we get scared sometimes, but we will get scared together and in community we will attempt great things for God!



In the community we help each other to connect all the dots: identity, skills, passion, global challenges, compassion, adventure, disciple making, friendship, spiritual conversations, emotions, God, and opportunities to change the world. Connect and meet with like-minded Jesus followers from all over the world who share your passion for living your faith daily. Collaborate and solve problems that are affecting the world today. Ask questions about current challenges and receive helpful feedback so that, together, we can change the world!

We have different skills, skin colors, cultural backgrounds, and passions but we are one in Christ. Beautifully designed and shaped, and when we come together we display God's glory and share God’s love to the world.

See you there!